Tied And Tickled

Sorti à: 4 août 2022 de Amber Michaels Productions
Well yet again, I get bound by someone wanting my secure files. I hid them well in my computer. I was confident it was safe. But as the man came in my home and put a cloth on my mouth and I resisted, but soon...I was out. My eyes rolled back, the last thing I remember before coming to was being on the couch, next thing I knew is I was tied up on a chair. With wrists, ankles and ankles bound I had no escape. He tickled me with his fingers on my bare feet. He uses a shaving brush, a feather and more. I cannot stop giggling and laughing. He knew what my weakness was. Yet still he can not have me get my secret files up. So he undoes my shirt and masturbates me. I finally give him the files he wants. But after the cloth rag is stuffed in my mouth and tape over my mouth, he gags me and puts a surgical mask on me. My mouth is covered, I am not out completely, as he escapes with these secret documents. Now almost topless and out, I can not come to. I am left tied, no one to help me!!! I lost a battle over his magic of binding me and tickling me!

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