Tracy Kent And Fauna Grant: La Toe Tickling Tango

Sorti à: 1 décembre 2004 de Color Crown
Natural blonde Tracey stands 5'10" with a stunning 36C-24-36 high-fashion figure. Fauna stands 5'7" with vibrant auburn hair and a 36C-25-35 figure. Both girls have beautiful feet with high arches and carefully manicured toes. In scene one, Tracey gently sucks Fauna's toes one by one, she also licks between the toes. Fauna returns the favor. They suck each others toes at the same time and tickle each others feet until Fauna cries uncle! Scene two finds the women in bed, dying to tickle each others feet without mercy. They alternate between tickling and toe sucking. Then the girls get naked and Fauna reams Tracey's naked buttocks. Tracey sits on Fauna's face! Fauna sits on Tracey's face! The two spray whipped cream on each others toes and lick it off real slow. In our final scene, the girls return to the couch to drive each other crazy with tickling. In all honesty, this is the best toe tickling video I have ever seen.

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