Valley of the Facesitters

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Lean and mean Mistress Kelly Wells serves her ass to your face in a nasty, ultra-tight POV. She hopes you aren't allergic to asshole, because ASS IS WHAT'S FOR DINNER. "Nice" is not how she treats Slave Ryan Knox. She has him on his back on the bed, his neck bent over the edge. She straddles his mug, closing off his airways with her shaved twat. She thrusts against his head until you'll think his neck will break. "Is my ass yummy?" she asks. He can only grunt yes. Her repeated FACESITTING and REVERSE FACESITTING gets rougher and rougher until Slave Ryan's face becomes red and swollen. Her VERBAL ABUSE is even more harsh. She threatens to take a piss as her pussy lips are clamped over his nose. As HIS TONGUE DIGS INTO HER ASSHOLE, she asks if he can taste all the cocks that have fucked her ass. On her hands and knees, she makes him WORSHIP HER ASS until she cums. She throws him back for more facesitting until she has an even more explosive orgasm. If your ears are ringing from Mistress Kelly's orgasmic screams, now they'll get a break. Mistress Alexis Texas whispers soft seductions to you in close POV as she bounces and spreads her plump white cheeks. She wishes you could taste her warm wet pussy as she fingers it and licks up her own juices. In the bedroom, she orders thoroughly whipped Slave Ryan to BURY HIS FACE IN HER BUTT and KISS and WORSHIP HER ASS. He nearly suffocates between her cheeks. But Alexis is too turned on to start going easy. She flips him on his back and stands over him, her crotch covering his face. She SMOTHERS him first with her pussy, then her jiggling ass. She follows that with SIDE-SADDLE FACESITTING, roughly grinding her butt against Ryan's puffy face, pushing his nose back and forth. Then more FACESITITNG and REVERSE FACESITTING and FULL WEIGHT FACESITTING until he screams for mercy. Her big pale buttocks almost totally cover his head. His tongue stretches to probe her dripping holes. He fondles her pert bouncy tits. Although stunned and gasping for breath, Slave Ryan gets no rest. "Are you afraid of my big Booty?" she asks. He should be. Mistress Alexis compels him to repeat every position a second time, shaking her ass more violently than before. Finally, his tongue jabbing into her cunt, her big butt bouncing heavily against his face, she CUMS so loud it shakes the whole room!

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