Wild Party Girls 18

Sorti à: 30 novembre 2005 de Dream Girls
Wild Party Girls 18! Are you ready to get "Wild Wild Wild"?!! Then go all the way with "Wild Party Girls" where in each video, you'll join our featured party girls on a voyeuristic journey into one of their crazy party adventures. Have you ever wondered how much havoc 2 uninhibited party girls can wreak on Miami Beach in just 24 hours? What about joining an incredibly beautiful blonde during a Super Bowl Gasparilla street festival? Imagine 5 incredibly hot girls on your very own boat? These wild party girls are flashing before the plane leaves the ground. We uncover the craziest college coeds as they get naked in wild wet t-shirt contests where it takes Skin to Win! Join us on Bourbon Street where we see even the most innocent girlfriends, sisters, and housewives turn into Wild Party Girls. Then, we go to America's best all-nude pool party with more than 100 completely naked girls!! We catch all the action, including graphic close-ups of incredible bend-overs and spread shots. Of course, each video is not complete without a steamy erotic adventure with our featured Wild Party Girls. Don't miss each awesome episode! Wild Party Girls will do anything!

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