The Last Weekend

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The Last Weekend is a smart, well delivered Graphic Novel style interactive game. Choose your protagonist - Rita, a Journalist with an inquisitive mind, who is dating Paul, a Programmer who loves spy stories and conspiracies. Or there's Anthony, the sporty one who loves the Gym and is dating the sexy model, Alice.

All four guys are at a remote hostel for the weekend, and of course there's almost no phone reception and a storm washes out the dirt road, so people start to get murdered. Can you solve the mystery before you fall to the murderer's evil ways? You'll need to find items to help you along the way, and there are simple slide puzzles to make it a little trickier.

But - this is an adult site, you say. Where's the sex? Well, the good news is that there's plenty of it - for the tasks the girls ask you to do, there's always a reward. The animations are detailed and very sexy - there's all sorts of hardcore fucking action awaiting you.when you've helped the girls.


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Free to play
$1.00 for 250 token (one-time) Features: Starter pack
$5.00 for 750 token (one-time) Features: Starter pack
$10.00 for 1500 token (one-time) Features: Starter pack
$20.00 for 3000 token (one-time) Features: Starter pack
$40.00 for 6000 token (one-time) Features: Starter pack

Payment types

Credit card

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