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Sunny Leone Videos

Sunny Leone
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Added on: 2017-05-11 Video Thumbnail Views 244563 Duration 5:01 Sunny Leone bent over and hammered by her Friend
Added on: 2017-04-18 Video Thumbnail Views 333921 Duration 5:02 Beautiful Sunny Leone has Sex with her horny Lover
Added on: 2016-01-11 Video Thumbnail Views 200398 Duration 2:00 Busty Sunny Leone has her Twat fingered and licked
Added on: 2015-01-14 Video Thumbnail Views 625826 Duration 2:30 Hot Sunny Leone likes flaunting her perfect Body
Added on: 2014-12-23 Video Thumbnail Views 379271 Duration 2:29 Sexy Sunny Leone strips and massages her Snatch
Added on: 2014-12-18 Video Thumbnail Views 268123 Duration 5:30 Perfect Sunny Leone unwraps herself for Christmas
Added on: 2013-07-17 Video Thumbnail Views 301301 Duration 6:00 Sunny Leone gets naked and we get to watch her masturbate
Added on: 2013-05-30 Video Thumbnail Views 783879 Duration 6:07 Sunny Leone provides fantastic JOE with her hot naked Body
Added on: 2013-05-18 Video Thumbnail Views 1016828 Duration 6:00 Sunny Leone naked and masturbating wants us to get off
Added on: 2013-05-04 Video Thumbnail Views 238273 Duration 5:58 Sunny Leone wants us to jerk off to her amazing naked Body
Added on: 2013-01-04 Video Thumbnail Views 627919 Duration 3:52 Sexy Sunny Leone strips out of her white Dress to masturbate
Added on: 2012-12-23 Video Thumbnail Views 510507 Duration 3:00 Hot babe Sunny Leone posing sexy in her Christmas Lingerie
Added on: 2012-11-10 Video Thumbnail Views 2600452 Duration 5:02 Super sexy Sunny Leone slowly sucking some Cock
Added on: 2012-08-01 Video Thumbnail Views 1608411 Duration 4:12 Sucking Sunny Leone showing off her awesome BJ Skills
Added on: 2012-03-02 Video Thumbnail Views 458365 Duration 4:07 All tied up Sunny Leone looking hot while restrained tight
Added on: 2012-02-14 Video Thumbnail Views 970979 Duration 4:15 Sunny Leone in Pink Lingerie getting herself off
Added on: 2012-01-12 Video Thumbnail Views 600075 Duration 4:35 Busty babe Sunny Leone masturbating in see through Lingerie
Added on: 2012-01-10 Video Thumbnail Views 409480 Duration 4:01 Curvy bombshell Sunny Leone loving her big Tits and wet Pussy
Added on: 2012-01-01 Video Thumbnail Views 905032 Duration 2:43 Hot Indian Sunny Leone fingering her juicy Pussy
Added on: 2011-12-21 Video Thumbnail Views 372055 Duration 4:36 Gorgeous model Sunny Leone getting Wet all over
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Latest Babe Comments (Showing 160 of 160 comments)

ragnar59a 2017-05-13
Happy birthday Sunny!
ScopeDog 2017-02-13
Absolutely gorgeous woman, Sunny is my dream girl even though I know she's married and has since retired. A guy can dream, can he? I've been loving her pics and vids since day one.
samurairol42 2016-11-02
One of the most EXOTIC, GORGEOUS Babes...a sight to behold! LOVE her! Out of curiosity, what's up with her rating? Looks like it should be higher from all the positive feed back from everyone, not that it matters...
ragnar59a 2016-05-13
Happy birthday beautiful.
JArhturRank 2016-02-15
A really beautiful woman, life appears to be very good for her. I truly envy the lucky bastard she is spending her life with. Still looks amazing - lost weight, maybe implants gone? Anyway a Goddess.
angeleyesguy2001 2012-08-24
Dear Sunny!!! I m ur biggest fan on this earth...watched ur goddess video clip...nice first time anal action. Now wanna see doing double take at once. One in ur big ass and one in ur juicy cunt...please film it for ur fan asap. love u
tony1967 2012-08-23
My GOD she looks so hot in that pink dress sitting there and then standing there which proves a girl doesn't have to do hardcore to drive you out of your mind just love her body love her eyes heck i just love her!
kiranprsad 2012-08-19
you made Laden to launch cum missiles, You save the world.
IluvAsians 2012-08-17
Love this chick! One of the sexiest women on the planet and she has such a pretty pussy! Keep up the great work girl!
marks777 2012-07-20
sunny i need to lick your ass! im hard.
marks777 2012-07-20
sunny you are sexy hot! want to fuck you so bad.
loscar79 2012-07-19
Love her body!
johnnydepp1989 2012-07-12
most beautiful pornstar....looking amazing in jism-2...!!!!
clarksuperkent 2012-06-28
Sunny you are the most beautiful brunete in porn for me! I love all your body it´s amazing!
rocky_harder 2012-06-17
nice body with cute smile it's enough to kill anyone,maintain ur sooper beauty forever...(lov u)
rocky_harder 2012-06-16
Sunny, u r queen of my heart love u. wishes 4 j2.
jurassicwank 2012-06-14
Her legs are totally amazing, she looks incredible in heels.
rambor35 2012-06-04
I want lick her hot legs. I want to smell her pussy and lick her pussy...
omaralto 2012-05-20
happy birthday and hard luck for miss 2012 i was hope you to be the winner
blackowned 2012-05-19
A large, throbbing, glistening dark rod in this Indian girl is just what the doctor ordered.
milesobrian 2012-05-13
Just an incredible beauty-happy birthday Sunny!
keren 2012-05-13
Happy B'Day you really sexy
tony1967 2012-05-11
Definitely and my vote is based on who can get me the hardest...not just hard but the hardest with sunny i get really extra rock hard and my cum shoots out and flies across the room, it's not unsual for a gob of cum to hit my computer screen and then roll
johnramb0 2012-05-11
one seriously very hot babe..i love every inch of 1 to 10 i give her a 20..
andreax 2012-05-04
so tough to choose to see her by herself or with Deviance tour. decisions, decisions.
tony1967 2012-05-02
She can get me rock hard no matter what she has great legs beautiful mouth nice deep eyes that can melt your ice away i'm not stuck on her tits i like them and would suck her nipples definitely one of my top 10 girls in the world right now
ToeNibbler 2012-04-30
She was so much hotter with the natural boobs
andosayaka 2012-04-22
just perfect .. luv her .. luv to lick her eat her ....
lucasjprn 2012-04-21
She is P.E.R.F.E.C.T I LOVE her.
thetruth_83 2012-04-21
She is so fucking hot...i wanna cum all over her gorgeous face
BP-fresh 2012-04-14
Sunny is the best one ever
Egy_Marwa 2012-04-06
Sunny Leone is featured in Jism 2 according to Pooja's instinct.
leewall 2012-03-28
if she ever caught fire she'd burn for a week and the EPA would declare it a toxic waste zone.
southernboy 2012-03-24
for crying out loud,please do something anal
flippmoney 2012-03-19
Just love her
rambor35 2012-03-13
I'll lick ur neck then down & lick ur lick ur inner ur panty wid my teeth & smell ur pussy.I'll lick ur pussy till taste of ur pussy lasts longer on my tounge rest of my life. I am mad about ur pussy.
panzer103 2012-03-05
Some of the best fake boobs in the bizz. Way better now then before
SunnyLeoneIsHot 2012-02-23
she is sexy, sshe has a stomach but it suprisingly sexy
SunnyLeoneIsHot 2012-02-23
she is one of the most beautiful women, she has a little bit of a stomach but she makes it look extremely sexy
Buster Nut 2012-02-10
Sunny, you were a goddess before the boob job, but now you're a mortal. Still overwhelmingly beautiful though
Andywinni 2012-02-06
In short,sexy lips,great eyes,perfect tits,so damn hot
Andywinni 2012-02-06
She is a totaly hottie,with a body so hot.
monkeyspanky45 2012-02-06
completely agree iluvasians
IluvAsians 2012-01-30
Love her work! Sexy without all the filtiness. Ya need chicks like this for when you're not in the mood for the gagging, nasty talk, anal type scenes.
iruttubadu 2012-01-20
please do anal sex sunny..... please.... please.... please....
gazzo45 2012-01-19
Simply a stunningly beautiful woman.
leewall 2012-01-01
I liked her much better before the plastic tits were put in talks these girls into these hatchet jobs anyway?
daredevil4ctg 2011-12-30
Hey Sunny do some Anal Sex scene plz . I want to see a big cock fucking that beautiful Ass !!!!!!!
honeysony 2011-12-30
I love you too ...
vinajadul 2011-12-28
is beautifull
BK718 2011-12-28
I heart Sunny Forever!!!
honeysony 2011-12-25
I love you and your thought for porn star...
kushal13 2011-12-14
SUNNY is Amazing & has always been one of the best level headed star. All the best to SUNNY & May God Be with SUNNY all the time
BK718 2011-12-11
Sunny is a Goddess!!!
Roald 2011-12-06
Just passing by...
sunnyisnumerouno 2011-12-04
Thanks to all freeones members who voted for sunny and saved her from eviction from bigg boss house. She got the highest no of votes
sunnyisnumerouno 2011-12-04
Thanks a ton to all who voted for has been given the highest votes this week in high boss
geoman 2011-12-03
como me gustaria meterle el pene en el ano.
blackowned 2011-12-03
andosayaka 2011-11-28
luv her everything...... luk at her pussy seems so tasty..... honey dropping pussy......
mikestan 2011-11-27
Love her pussy
mikestan 2011-11-27
i have seen her in 1990s i love to masturbate on her old pics.. theose were my favourite
daredevil4ctg 2011-11-24
She is a Goddess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ganeshhh 2011-11-20
love her like mad
ganeshhh 2011-11-20
wow.. what a babe.... now guess what???? she is in india!!!! i love it.
Teen Rider 2011-11-19
She is the EVER BEST and Most beautiful desi girl! It's only a tribute to this beauty goddess! In India now a days for Indian Big Brother (Big Boss). Extremely Hot Body like fire directly coming from Hell!Flawless skin & honey colored eyes like sunlight!
Traction 2011-11-18
I don't know why people here are comparing Sunny with Amy Reid. But if I had to choose it would be Amy. Not that Sunny isn't hot herself, but I prefer Amy's real tits and the fact that she does hardcore with guys besides her boyfriend.
jaysingh 2011-10-28
shes the one, body, looks, i'd like to plow her from all angles
BK718 2011-10-27
It has NOTHING to do with Opinion! It's a FACT that Sunny Leone is Hotter & Sexier than Amy Ried!!
daredevil4ctg 2011-10-24
littlegiant 2011-09-29
Dang I have been a fan of Sunny since her "Mystique" days way back when and I even met a couple of times and she was so beautiful every time! Her boob job is truly one of the best, and I agree, nothing beats natural!
blackowned 2011-09-25
I can see very well. You, on the other hand, are trying to push through some qualitative subjective opinion which you treat as apparent fact. It looks like you're the blind one, from here.
IluvAsians 2011-09-24
You're blind if you think Amy Reid is on the same level as Sunny...Plain and simple!
mnhalestrom 2011-09-18
she is a stunner. imagine her beside the silk road, you'd go insane thinking about her.
blackowned 2011-09-18
You're only saying this because Amy did an IR scene. You fools are about as transparent as clingwrap. When Sunny eventually submits to the black rod she'll suddenly become 'minor league' as well, I'm sure.
IluvAsians 2011-09-18
I agree with BK718...Sunny is top tier, and Amy Reid is just another average porn slut willing to service just about anyone to make money. Not even close to Sunny's level!
BK718 2011-09-13
Who cares about Amy Reid? She is busted. Don't compare Amy Reid to Sunny Leone! Hell No!! Sunny is Major League and Amy is Minor League.
anubas69 2011-09-09
Sunny is very hot..., luv the boob job
Teen Rider 2011-09-07
Usually I extremely hate boob jobs! Nothing beats Natural!
Teen Rider 2011-09-07
By the way she has got "THE VERY BEST" implant of whole industry! No girl has got such a natural looking boob job!
blackowned 2011-08-31
That's what they said about Amy Reid. Look at where that got them. Don't lie on the rails, mofo; jump on the doom train 'cause Brotha Station is up next!
blackowned 2011-08-29
I don't care. I want this slutty olive-skinned, south Asian extract to take a big black cock in that sweet curried pussy.
BK718 2011-08-29
It's only considered "IR" when a black person is involved. Sorry, but it's true. Look it up on any Adult DVD site. Sorry bro, that's just the way it is.
blackowned 2011-08-26
BK718, you think that: A) Sunny hasn't done IR at all (she has, she's Indian), B) that people want to ruin female pornstars via IR, C) that doing IR ruins non-black pornstars, D) therefore to not do IR is to stay clean. This is a brain-dead argument.
gg4deep 2011-08-24
she is no 1, damn hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
blackowned 2011-08-18
This big tit whore is in dire need of a double anal stretching by big black cock!
Admirar 2011-08-14
Gorgeous Indian Babe!!!
nadiphuketfan 2011-08-13
ive never seen her fucked but ive seen her was alrite..
oliviara 2011-08-06
Sex with the same limp-dick guy, boring and vanilla. Yawn.
biguy329 2011-07-26
super hot and perfect tits
godspeed_avi 2011-07-13
She made all us Indians proud........!
BK718 2011-06-19
Canada or India, It doesn't matter!! She is in my fav top ten!!! She is sooooooooo Fn HOT!!!
moradee 2011-06-04
Only one Anal Scene ?????? We want More !!!!!!!!!!!!
moradee 2011-06-04
Very cute my cock loves you !!
moradee 2011-06-04
Very cute my cock loves you !!
Super hot whore with a sweet personality but boring when the fucking and sucking start.
Teen Rider 2011-05-25
Ever Best Boob Job. Never saw any better pornstar with better boobjob!
Teen Rider 2011-05-25
She is getting old. Must do Anal now like Alexis and Sunny Lane did! It will be a big milestone in her carear!
milesobrian 2011-05-13
It may be Friday the 13th but it's lucky to wish Sunny a very happy birthday today!
bshanmu 2011-05-13
Happy Birthday Karen... I like you a lot.. Wanna press your Boobs and lick all around your body
tydope 2011-05-05
Just an amazing woman here, Her face, her ass, her legs, her pussy.... HER, She is AMAZING! 8/10
daredevil4ctg 2011-05-05
@ BK718 she is originally from India not from Canada .
hous-flow 2011-05-03
Women of dreams!!
dirtydude5 2011-05-03
Really hot babe!! See her face when she gives a blowjob! Looks good...
freedy666 2011-05-03
me gusta su gran tracero es hermoso como su delicioso coño
gazzo45 2011-05-03
In a word: beautiful
withlove 2011-05-02
i love her boobs so hot i all day watch....
johnramb0 2011-04-26
not bad??? who can say this?? she is a goddess hands down..
BK718 2011-04-25
Thank you Canada for Sunny!!! She is so beautiful and hot like the sun! Sunny Leone is gorgeous!!
moradee 2011-04-06
Beutiful to lick her pussy all day long
Covero 2011-04-03
Nossa Muito Linda,Bela.
selected 2011-03-30
Not bad, but way overrated ...
Vaan 2011-03-29
Beautiful Sunny
CedBel 2011-03-19
She's not the kind of girl I'd like to f***. She's the kind of girl I'd like to make love to. Absolutely stunning... Her eyes are perfectly gorgeous.
mnhalestrom 2011-02-19
i love her hair pie
bbujti 2011-02-13
i like u sunny i want to smell n taste u nd want to kiss u every where
mjones8449 2011-02-09
Bonnerific. Absolutely gorgeous.
andosayaka 2011-01-04
every time i go thru her snaps i cums...... just wanna lic and suck her pussy whole day long... she is juicy .....
thedigzy 2011-01-02
It pisses me off that she always seems to do HC with the same faggot-ass man. I shouldn't have to notice men in porn videos, and I despise it when stars think they're good enough to only fuck one guy.
thedigzy 2011-01-02
Nipple piercings are horrible.
davidclone 2010-12-24
She like an angel with petty face and sexy body. She can go to try Hollywood.
jesneldem 2010-12-23
I always thought she was pretty but not sexy enough to hang with the big names like Lisa Ann, Priya Rai and Shyla Stylez. Now that she's got bigger boobs and a sultrier look she's in the big leagues now. Much easier to spooge to now.
hot sex man 2010-12-09
fucking hot
Teen Rider 2010-12-08
Best desi woman... Perfect beauty... Hell better then Priya Rai..
davidclone 2010-11-11
You so pretty and Beautyful punjabi Kudi, I want you............
CapRob22 2010-11-09
One of my favorites. my dick is happy she is still around
chennai4ever 2010-10-26
gorgeous, beautiful, marvelous girl........i love her .....
ramonpal123 2010-10-15
Man...she is smoking hot..and her boobs are totally natural..
Her feet are immaculate! Best in porn today. I just wish she would show them more.
andosayaka 2010-10-01
most gorgeous porn star living in this universe......just perfect.... perfect face, perfect body, perfect ass, perfect pussy..... just wanna eat her pussy day long
wolverine81 2010-09-17
She's so hot, and she looks like she might kick your ass. Double hotness!
parkerjames69 2010-09-17
wow... she's fucking HOOTTT!!! I'd love to bone her all night long! Maybe even some Afternoon Delight!
KaiserWilhelm 2010-09-16
Sunny is beautiful. And sweet, too.
smirnoff 2010-09-05
Totally fuckable. Would love a threesome with Hannah Hilton.
panzer103 2010-09-02
She has a strikingly beautiful face and smile. Frankly, i think she looks better with the boob job. Normally and I think everyone would agree that natural boobs are better but in Sunnys case and a few others the enhanced boobs are a welcome addition.
magnusXbr 2010-08-25
She's so hot and I love her. My score is 9.4 of 10.
duke_w_shane 2010-08-21
I´m a fan of hers too! I´d like to see her smoking a cigar like Aria Giovanni who is also one of my all time favorites. Even better -both of them smoking cigars...
kjetilhelge 2010-08-19
She's got a beautiful body, but even with her pierced tits she is not quite the best. My score: 8 of 10.
modelagent_4u 2010-08-09
I met Sunny Leone at the Exxxtacy Show in Chicago. You deserve to know that she's even more stunning, more beautiful in person.
AbstracT_PoinT 2010-08-05
Perfect Girl,amazing toes! It would be great to see Sunny in hardcore gangbang, but I really doubt that this will ever happen!
Onmissionfateh 2010-07-19
Wow ! what a georgous Babe she is out standing,mind blowing,really once i get a chance to have a fun with her in a life time, i am dying to eat her pussy, boob's & i Love to fuck her harder & Harder
andosayaka 2010-07-13
woh...... she is the most goreous porn star that we have.....wanna pound her pussy whole day by inserting my tounge to the full length .... god control my self .... her every snap makes my p***s tight, i m dying to eat her, suck her, and fuck her
fire-jet 2010-07-05
Damn HOT JIZZ looks hot in ur mouth and on ur soft vagina ',do a best gang bang loads cumshot ,'that time u will be the best of the best ,'from now begin hardcore plus blow job n gangbang like EVA ANGELINA ,'' i love u much in HARDCORE
get91730 2010-06-19
i'm with averagejoe. she looked much better before the boob job.
ThomasChi 2010-06-11
I look forward to seeing you in the film, Gia: Portrait of a Porn Star. I read your interview in the Las Vegas Weekly while at XFanz in the Hard Rock.
frls1 2010-06-09
@ averagejoe I respect you itty bitty titty vote but her augmentation is a def plus......
Matheo 2010-06-09
I'm glad that she decide to fuck with men too :)
SunnyIsSexy 2010-06-08
What a babe
averagejoe 2010-06-07
She looked so much better with small breasts.
Kingfisher_1976 2010-06-03
Stunning, can be fucked over and over and over
tulowitski 2010-05-28
she is amazing!!
kissmyblades 2010-05-05
Angel......The Most Beautiful Pornstar
dynaty 2010-04-06
rspeiffer 2010-03-16
Sunny is, by far, the hottest lady I've ever seen. Killer body - legs, stomach, booty, breasts + that face w/ those eyes, that smile, that gorgeous dark hair. Everything about her I love & she def. has my vote for Miss Freeones 2010.
Wicked_Giggler 2010-03-08
She Is One Beautiful Girl..I Love You Sunny, You Got My Vote.
chennai4ever 2010-03-07
she is one sex angel ........really love her
ling_1985 2010-03-02
This girl needs more votes in Miss Freeones, VOTE 4 HER!!!
soad0918 2010-03-01
she is a perfect 10 i could suck those toes all night
satiricon 2010-02-20
Sunny Leone has a beautiful pussy and a pretty face to pour out gallons of semen.
Roald 2010-01-11
Web Starlet of the Year AVN Awards 2010
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