Claim the profile of Mirka Bay

Are you a model, porn star, cam girl/guy,or influencer? If yes, claim your profile in order to customize your performer section, claim donated credits and more! Check out the two ways you can claim your profile on FreeOnes!

You Already Have a Performer Section

If you already have a performer section on FreeOnes, simply head on over to the profile (if you're not here already) and click on the grey "check" by your name. Fill out the form, add a fan sign photo with the guidelines stated below and we'll get you up and running!

You Aren't On FreeOnes Yet

If you're not on FreeOnes yet, no problem! Simply click this link and fill out the form. If you have a unique stage name and enough links (social media, cam, onlyfans...a presence on the internet) we can create a section! And of course, make sure you submit your fan sign photo!

Fan Sign Photo Guidelines

We require a fan sign in order to give you Verified Performer status. This way you don't need to submit your ID unless you want to cash out your donated credits or later sell content on our platform! Please read the following carefully when go to make your fan sign (this is not an optional step if you want to claim your profile on FreeOnes)!

  1. You need to hold a hand written sign with a date within the past 3 days of submission
  2. The sign needs to have a special message to FreeOnes
  3. We do not accept AI generated photos or digital fan signs

The fan sign will be posted in the FreeOnes News section in order to send new fans your way!