3 A.M. - The Time Of Sexuality

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**XRCO Hall of Fame Movie** **XRCO Hall of Fame Movie** One of the most highly praised erotic films of all time, Robert McCallum's 3 a.m. is truly a landmark in the adult motion picture industry if for no other reason than the fact that Orson Welles himself edited the shower scene. Welles needed the director to work on his project "The Other Side of the Wind." Welles edited the scene in the hopes of hurrrying the project along to free up the McCallum's time. With a remarkable story brilliantly enacted by some of Hollywood's finest young actors, 3 a.m. achieved new heights in sexual depiction. The film was made with one basic intention- to turn you on! Each erotic scene slowly builds to a pulsating climax involving the viewer in the most intimate feelings of those on screen.

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Clair Dia

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