Adel Sweet TEEN Pantyhose

Uitgebracht om: 22 maart 2008 bij Playtime Video
Oh My! What a Dream Doll! 1st Time on Video! What a Perfect PH Covered Ass! Pure sweetness in Pantyhose! She may look Innocent but she knows how to TEASE & MOVE on Video! POV Action! Lots of Nice! Sexy! Playful Talk TOO! First time ever on video, 19 year old amateur blonde cutie Adel arrived from Mass, contacted Playtime to do a pantyhose video to tease her boyfriend who loves pantyhose. Watch this shy amateur teen tease you with shots up her short pink dress at her brown, sheer to the waist pantyhose. From under her dress, you get to see her nicely trimmed pussy through the cotton crotch as she gives you a little smile. She slides off her open toed pink pumps and asks "do you like my feet?' as she offers them up to you. You watch her become a little bolder as she lays on the floor and decides to thrust her hips up at you as her dress creeps up over her waist. She strips off the dress as she talks to you and snaps her taught pantyhose. Then, she grabs the camera and shoves it under the pantyhose. The hose finally come off as she spreads her long legs to show off her trimmed pussy. Next, playing the total tease, Adel wants to know "Am I your favorite girl in pantyhose?" As she walks you to the bedroom wearing a black miniskirt, red top and black light control top pantyhose. She bends and lifts her skirt over her waist. We get some sexy up shots and reinforced toe views. Then, in pantyhose only, she sticks the camera under the hose. Hot! 3rd scene, Adel walks to the top of the stairs in her school uniform, black mesh tights over red silk full cover panties. The little brat sticks her tongue out and gives you the finger. She says your naughty for looking at her tights and her red panties as her skirt is raised up, showing you her sexy ass as she spreads her legs. She has the camera as she's now down to just the panties and hose. "Your being so naughty" as she slides everything off. You will love the evolution from sweet tease to complete tease. Just think, her boyfriend gets this pantyhose doll every night! Lucky Bastard!

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