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Take a 46 minute tease and denial odyssey with Mistress London as uses every inch of Her body to degrade and excite Her devoted submissive. Slut jack gets an earful about how She will be fucking Her session slave as he is used as Her floor mat while She puts on makeup. She then face fucks and masturbates as footboy is bound helpless to the stool. Hung in the dungeon, he is sucked, fucked and eats wet pussy before Her pussy milks a giant load out into a condom. The large load is used to emphasize Her control over him as he is fed every drop. Mistress London is getting ready for Her session. She applies Her makeup standing on Her floormat, slave jack. She explains to him that She is planning on fucking Her next session and driving him crazy with Her pussy. He is very jealous and hurt. She allows him to worship Her feet and sits on his face a bit before exiting the bathroom. Next, Mistress London is attached to Her bound submissive, footboy, at the face. His face dildo is in Her pussy a bit and then She turns and uses the vibrator to get Herself off right in front of his face. After a gigantic orgasm right in front of footboy's face, Mistress London fucks his face hard, driving the face dildo deep inside Her pussy until Her clit is on his nose. She removes the harness and makes him lick the dildo clean of Her juice and then plays with his nipples and cock with Her nylon covered feet. Turning She has him clean Her pussy and ass out as She stands on his thighs. A trussed and hung footboy has his mouth filled with Mistress London's feet as She explains he is to be Her fuck slave. She lowers Her pussy on his face and teasingly starts to suck his cock stiff. She turns and moves over his face, grinding Her pussy hole on his mouth and ordering him to tongue Her hard. She resumes sucking his cock deep down Her throat and then informs him it is time to use it in Her pussy. She slaps a condom on him and begins to fuck him, stopping every few seconds to tease and deny him as he squirms under Her. A blistering tease and denial sequence as Mistress London fucks footboy until he is ready to burst and then slides up to grind Her wet pussy in his face. She does this multiple times until he is in agony wanting to release and She has had an orgasm Herself. She tells him he can watch Her ass as She fucks him and straddles him in reverse and then slides up and again grinds Her wet cunt into his face. Finally She fucks him until he can stand no more and squeezes every bit out with Her pussy into the condom. She dismounts and then he is fed his wad in a very humiliating finish.

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