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Amia is a pretty & sexy 23 yr. old with a shapely 5'6" 35C(real)-25-34 body & a small trimmed bush! She introduces herself & does a slow sexy strip! Couch: Naked, she rubs her pussy & deeply slides her finger in & out! On all 4's, you'll see deep ass hole fingering & hear loud moans as she gets busy with frenzied masturbation! She MASTURBATES SO HARD, SHE SWEATS & brings herself to a loud moaning orgasm! Bed: Oil massage with deep, pink pussy close-ups & more butt hole fingering! She heats up again with intense masturbation & deep 2 finger pussy thrusting! In the shower, she shaves "it" & lets the water vibrate her clit! Dining Room: Sexy banana play! Watch her rub her pussy with it & suck it like she's sucking your cock! Also, more deep front & rear finger penetration! Sweet smiles.

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