Assault And Battery

Uitgebracht om: 10 januari 2008 bij Brandenburg Collection
This fight is a ferocious slugfest, with two hot ladies battering each other to a pulp. No punches are pulled as these two wildcats collide with no goals other than to grind the other into dust. From the onset the action is blazing and raw with punches and kicks flying like a swarm of bees. As the match proceeds, countless head and body blows seem to only further enrage both combatants. Each in turn takes advantage of an opening in their opponent's technique to tackle them to the mat in a bid for an early submission, but neither fighter will allow herself to be taken out so easily. Getting back on their feet they exchange more blows before another hard tackle slams them to the mat again. The fighting action is gritty and real. Towards the end of the fight, the two ladies remove their boxing gloves and settle things once and for all grappling on the mat. What follows is pure cat fighting bliss as the two fierce fighters maul each other in a way only an infuriated woman can! The two evenly matched fighters do some real damage to each other as yells of anguish and strain echo in the room. Heads jerk back under the momentum of severe hair pulling, punishing scissors, headlocks and resounding slaps redden the skin as slowly a victor emerges. This is as good a competitive fight as you can get, with fast and relentless action from start to finish. Both women give and take a lot before one perseveres to finally be able to claim victory. Look for more from these two ladies in the near future!

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