Best Of English Discipline Part 11

Uitgebracht om: 14 april 2008 bij California Star Productions
Modern day life is filled with excellent opportunities to administer punishment on the tender young buttocks of disobedient females. Whether back on the farm, in a school for girls, that very special inconsiderate, and obstinate female will show up just begging for a good spanking. And when the leather strap, riding crop, or cane plant their caustic kisses on tender pink posteriors, the cries of pain and tears of repentance are enough to warm the heart of the most ardent connoisseurs of discipline. The scenes in this presentation have been complied from five very heart warming English Discipline videos. We believe you will find it very much to your liking.

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Scene1: 00:01:32 - 00:12:23 (10:51)

Scene2: 00:12:25 - 00:23:31 (11:06)

Scene3: 00:23:32 - 00:34:43 (11:11)

Scene4: 00:34:44 - 00:45:44 (11:00)

Scene5: 00:45:45 - 00:58:39 (12:54)