Beyond Driven

Uitgebracht om: 14 december 2007 bij ZFX Productions
When busty brunette Monica finds out her perky cousin Tracy needs a place to stay, she decides to take her in. Over the protestations of her live-in boyfriend John, Monica agrees to let her cousin for a couple of weeks. In the back of her mind, she's a little worried. She hasn't seen Tracy since they were little, but from what she heard from other family members, she was big trouble. Unfortunately, they never quite said what ~~kind~~ of trouble. As you will soon see, John and Monica are about to find out for themselves in **Beyond Driven**! Little does Monica know that Tracy, while being a very nice young lady, has a strange, almost perverse interest in serial killers. Acting out her lurid fantasies, she likes to tie herself up in the nude, pleasuring herself to a squirming frenzy. As Tracy does her auto-erotic routine, John is secretly watching her through a hole in the door with interest and amusement. What John doesn't realize is that Tracy's interest in the occult goes beyond just some masturbatory fodder. Her other hobby is trying to conjure the evil spirits of long dead serial killers through an ancient ritual, using her own body as bound and gagged bait! This is a bizarre and intense tale of bondage, betrayal, and sinister supernatural vengeance from beyond the grave. Don't miss it!

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