BOS-2: Best Of Sitter 2

Uitgebracht om: 21 mei 2009 bij L. Scott Sales
Once again Mistress Sitter has found that a facesitting session has been cancelled due to the lack of courage a Mistress requires in her slave smother slaves. Fortunately for Sitter the Sisterhood Of Facesitting Mistresses who she shares a residence with have left a victim, forgotten beneath the cushions of their sofa. Sat upon and smothered by countless mistresses, settling their weight on a cushion of bound males, hooded and silenced unable to beg for breath, his only hope is for release from his dark smothering prison. Unfortunately for him the queen of mean has found him, and has no intention of granting his wish for release. His days of smothering have just begun! Will the rest of the mistresses return to further his tease?

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