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Now we have Devlyn and she wants to suck my dick. She comes out in a nice school girl outfit; red plaid mini-skirt, white stockings and white top. I fondle her for a little bit then she wakes up my cock. She starts working my soft shaft but soon he grows and fills her mouth. She tells me she sucked her first dick at the age of 20, which I don't believe but fuck it. She works her lips and tongue on me, focusing mainly on the head. She moves and puts her pussy right at the base of my cock and gives me a nice hand job. I get a nice shot of her open mouth as I shoot a massive shot in her mouth and down her chin. Next is a hand job and I'm already hard with anticipation. She smiles at me as you can hear the slippery sound of her hand stroking my dick. She holds the camera for me and I have the pleasure of eating her pussy while she tries to concentrate on jerking me off. She tastes so good. Her soft moans get me even harder till I make her cum. She keeps on stroking tho and even manages to keep the camera focused on herself. I make her cum several times while jerking me off. I take control of the camera again and film her jerking the sweet come out of me, not once, but twice in a row.

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