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Britney is this hot little teen whore who I have done many videos with. She comes out in pig-tails and blowing bubble gum for this scene. She is going to give me a hand-job and I can't wait. She smiles for the camera a few times then gets right down on her knees. She is steadily blowing bubbles the entire time she is stroking my dick. She poses for me a little in her thigh high stockings and pink thong, grinds her ass on my cock for a minute and lets me fuck her tits for a bit before going back to stroking my dick. I finally can't take it and shoot my load all over a nice big bubble she was blowing and I shoot the rest on her chin and chest. Next we have Missy who is wearing white thigh high stockings, white pumps and a white thong. She plays with her pussy for a little while with a small vibrator making herself cum several times. Then when that pussy is nice and wet she shoves my cock in her mouth. She sucks and jerks my dick like a champ, putting it between her huge tits while she sucks the head. She keeps sucking and stroking until my cum shoots straight into her open mouth.

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