Caned Prefect

Uitgebracht om: 25 maart 2008 bij Cheeky Video
  • Studio: Cheeky Video
  • Duur: 00:24:00
  • Jaar van productie: 2007
  • Aantal scènes: 2
  • Cast:
This sixth former is a bully; she soon learns that it is unacceptable behavior, especially for a prefect. This is not the usual padded out schoolgirl video; it was shot to be as authentic as possible, hence it is shorter than most at twenty-five minutes. Saying that, she receives at least fifty cane strokes and thirty-five with a genuine Loch Gellie tawse. I know because I felt every one of 'em! Culminating in genuine tears, not for the faint hearted.

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Scene1: 00:00:38 - 00:11:41 (11:03)

Scene2: 00:11:42 - 00:24:39 (12:57)