Cate Harrington

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Cate is a pretty brunette with a nice full bosom and dangly navel piercings. Cate is a new-cummer to femorg, but I suspect she'll be back for more as her orgasms seem to just get stronger and stronger as she becomes more and more relaxed. Cate Harrington enjoys massaging and rubbing her full breasts before slipping out of her jeans and rubbing her pussy through her panties. Cate removes her bra completely, then turns on her vibe to stimulate her nipples. She really does have nice large breasts (I think they are all natural, too). It's not long before she pulls her panties down to her ankles and puts her legs up in the air while reaching the toy around to stimulate her clitoris. She pants and moans softly as she inserts the vibe deep into her pussy, kind of jiggling it in and out. Cate goes back to working her clitoris with the vibe, adjusting how her pussy lips are spread and her location on the bed from time-to-time. Cate props herself up a little bit higher on the pillows, but eventually ends up nearly flat on her back with her legs up and bent at the knees. She presses her index finger firmly into her perineum, while using the vibe directly on her clit. She gets very close to orgasm, then turns the power of the vibe up a notch until she moans and cums. I detected a couple of nice contractions. She has a nice, full and lippy pussy that gets quite red, swollen and sensitive. She plays with her clitoris after her orgasm in a kind of interesting "pressing" massage fashion. The camera gets some nice close-ups of this. Cate gives a brief little chat describing the sensations she feels as she presses her fingers into her clitoris. She also talks about the first time she masturbated at age 13. Cate is back in the bedroom waking from a little nap - she is wearing very sexy lingerie and reaching for the magic wand. She keeps her panties on for a moment as she works the wand all over her thighs and pussy. She pulls her bra down, releasing her large breasts and pulling her panties down to enjoy the wand. It doesn't take long for Cate to reach a nice, long orgasm. She says, "Oh my god that is the best thing ever!" referring to the magic wand! I think she liked it! After a moment, Cate turns the wand back on and goes for yet another orgasm - her cooch is flushed red and swollen - she raises her hips up and down and has another orgasm. Cate looks cute and sexy sitting in the orgasm chair wearing just a little yellow cardigan sweater (sans bra) and a white skirt. She stimulates her large breasts before lifting her skirt and using the wand on her yellow gingham panties and pussy. Cate removes the panties and spreads her legs wide while sitting in the chair. Cate really likes the magic wand! She lets out a big loud moan, and then cums hard with lots of long and pulling contractions. She has big pussy lips, too. She again presses her clit and lips firmly and fondles her breasts announcing that the wand is the best toy she's ever used. This is a really nice scene and a nice orgasm. Cate walks into the bedroom wearing a little plaid dress and high heels. She has difficulty getting her dress upzipped, so she abandons that and just lifts her skirt. She lays back and massages her clit and shows off her wet spot in her red panties. When she pulls off her panties, she chews on them to moisten them and then works her clit with the panties - it's kind of different and interesting. Cate adjusts to a doggie-style position and turns on a little silver bullet vibe, keeping her bum up high in the air. She turns the toy to high power, firmly grasping her left butt check, as she starts to shake and quiver. It's not long before her bottom and anus are contracting as she cums! She rolls back over onto her back, reaches for the silver vibe again and tries for another O. After a few minutes, Cate is back on her knees, pressing a finger into her perineum and cumming again! While the second orgasm is definitely visible, it's not quite as strong and clear as her first in this scene. This is a really nice, double orgasm scene. Cate's orgasms just get better and better as she goes!

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