Co-Ed Whipping Frenzy

Uitgebracht om: 11 april 2008 bij Cuties In Bondage
Another exclusive video virgin. Aryn is a freshman in college, she's attending a college in NYC and definitely has a NY attitude. She thought this would be a real easy way to make some money. She never had been bound before nor has she ever been in any type of video - a true bondage video virgin. She's petite, only 5'2", very thin, nice tight body and very shapely, she only weighs a mere 98lbs. She didn't know what to expect except that she thought she could certainly handle it - this sounded like a challenge. She was subjected to some flagellation and ass reddening paddling. Forceps were used on her tender, pert nipples and HOT WAX was dropped on her nubile body. The arrogance she came in with had definitely gone away.

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