Dance Macabre 2

Uitgebracht om: 1 maart 2008 bij ZFX Productions
Come for a bizarre roller coaster ride inside sexy Cindy's nightmare. That incorrigible VJ from hell, TV man is back with more programming from beyond sanity! In part one of our story, Cindy fell asleep in front of her TV only to be awakened by a thunderous crash. Unbeknownst to her, a powerful bolt of lightning had struck her set, opening a channel into another dimension. Then, the words flashed on the screen: Dance Macabre. It was a movie. A movie the likes of which she had never seen. A strange movie featuring zombie and beautiful women whose firm bodies are being trussed, then subjected to the most unspeakable acts. Falling under the spell of her possessed TV, Cindy finds herself become aroused - very aroused. Now Cindy watches as a vicious thug (who looks like a refugee from the wrestling ring) strips, binds and ball gags a pretty secretary for her money and a lot more. But when Cindy finally wakes up she realizes it was all a bad dream. But that's when the nightmare really begins because things had gone too far. What was in the TV was coming out of the TV, and into her living room. She had underestimated the power of the TV man. Now bound and gagged on her bathroom floor she looks up as the wrestler man plugs in her curling iron with a sinister smile. She hadn't counted on him either. She wonders if there is any escape from this nightmare. There is, but only one.

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