Darkroom Exposure

Uitgebracht om: 24 maart 2008 bij Cheeky Video
  • Studio: Cheeky Video
  • Duur: 00:53:00
  • Jaar van productie: 2007
  • Aantal scènes: 4
  • Cast:
Oh I love this film, and it's genuine. I was co-star to Bella (Bella-Donna) my beloved 300bhp sportscar hehe and the guy is my genuine photographer for whom I model. The story revolves around the fact that during a shoot he was called away, wasn't for long so he left me drinking coffee. I had other ideas and went looking in the darkroom, well how was I supposed to know he had a reel of film in the developer! When he returned he was horrified to find his most recent shoot worth thousands wrecked, so he recouped his loss on my bared bottom with vigour. OTK spanking, paddle, tawse and the cane!

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