Dream Girls: Special Assignment #80

Uitgebracht om: 25 maart 2009 bij Dream Girls
Did you ever wonder what it takes for a hot girl to win a Wet T-Shirt Contest? It takes Skin to Win! And we take you to two hot clubs in Key West for your all-access pass to see what goes on when the tops come off. You get a front row seat as gorgeous girls get doused with water and shake their tits and ass for everyone all in the hopes of getting first prize. Our first contest is a classic wet t-shirt where these girls quickly learn that it takes flashing to take home the prize. Our second contest is a wild and crazy "Get 'er Wet" contest that features ultra-sexy girls from around the country getting hosed down. The action gets hot and somewhat chaotic, as several of our contestants prefer to compete in pairs with other sexy contestants leaving everyone speechless. And as a bonus feature, enjoy ~~Special Assignment 80~~'s Greatest Tits & Ass featurette including more skin from the last contest from an alternate angle. Your front row V.I.P. seat for Skin to Win will get you so close to the action, you may get a little wet yourself.

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