False Report & Girl On A Train Part 2

Uitgebracht om: 21 januari 2008 bij California Star Productions
Michelle and Sonja are renting an apartment that is a little beyond their means. Making the rent this month will be quite difficult. Michelle has an excellent scheme for making a lot of money very quickly. Simply hide their valuables, report them, and, the insurance. Nothing to it. Unfortunately, the police are not quite that easy to hoodwink. When Sergeants Weston and Jones arrive on the scene and quickly see through the young girls deception. Faced with a charge of felony fraud and possible jail time, the two girls tearfully beg for leniency. Soft-hearted Sgt. Weston just can't bring himself to place these naive ladies under arrest. But they must be taught a lesson. A price must be paid. In lieu of arrest the girls agree to summit to Weston's personal punishment in the privacy of their apartment. They gladly bare their bottoms to the stinging rebuke of the paddle and crop. But the final phase of their punishment is more difficult. The must strip and face the cane. Thus two very foolish young ladies are deterred from a life of crime. The girl on the train has seen him again. Another lonely young man at the station. And once again her dreams are taking flight. As the city swiftly rolls by her window, her mind drifts to that imaginary boudoir where that young men throws her upon this bed and spanks her eager bottom. Punishment applied with love, followed by soothing lotion applied with tenderness. One could wish the train would never arrive at its destination. So the dream could go on and on...

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