Half Term Punishments

Uitgebracht om: 3 april 2009 bij California Star Productions
Mr. Fordyce's establishment is a place no young woman really wants to attend. For, it is a place where strict discipline is number one on the docket. Lucy has been sent to him for some corrective measures and her tearful cries and painful bottom attest to his ability to correct his charges.Christine has been sent to receive some disciplinary tactics when a wealthy friend of the family decides to take an interest in her. She must learn what is in store for her. Jasmine is packed off by a wealthy father who is tired of having her under foot while he is trying to seduce the new housemaid.And finally Rosalind who knows all too well of Mr. Fordyce, must learn once again, after returning from a break at school. Her unsatisfactory report card has preceded her, and she must attend, knickers down for a sound thrashing once again. There are red bottoms aplenty!

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