Hot Spring Break: Misuzu Shiratori

Uitgebracht om: 20 juli 2009 bij Momotaro
Misuzu Shiratori is a very sweet, petite girl with big brown eyes and a perfect pair of tits. It takes a while to convince her to perform on camera, but once she starts, she really gets into it! She takes on group sex as well as a sexy one on one in scene 4! Her first sex scene is the 2nd scene in the movie, and she's in a bathhouse where she gets soaped up and rubbed down by multiple slippery hands. Then she bends over to get fucked and take a cumshot to the ass. Her next scene is a group scene as well, with the guys getting off using multiple vibrators on her tender pussy!

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Scene1: 00:00:02 - 00:38:55 (38:53)

Scene2: 00:38:57 - 00:59:50 (20:53)

Scene3: 00:59:52 - 02:00:56 (1:01:04)

Scene4: 02:00:59 - 02:50:46 (49:47)