Lap Dance Lessons

Uitgebracht om: 2 maart 2008 bij Ohh Tee Kay
She was perfect. A real beauty. Since the moment Christina walked into the club she has been our #1 moneymaker. But little Miss Carter has an attitude!. Oh man, I have chewed her out on more than one occasion for drinking on the job, taking long breaks and for getting too friendly with the customers! One time I was watching her perform a lap dance with some Joe, and then it happened! She showed him the goods! Well, I told her to march her butt into my office. I went off on her and let her know that I could loose my license for her behavior and that she should be accountable for her actions. I gave her a choice, I fire her or she takes a bare bottom spanking and promises that it will never happen again. Wouldn't you know it, that the next night she decided to get even with me by calling in sick at the last moment. I had a feeling when I knocked on the door she knew it was me! So you're sick, huh? Lets find out just how sick you are. I warned her that she had better be running a temperature or I would give it to her good, and boy, did I let her have it! Everything was great for a few weeks; she was like a new girl. Then one night I noticed her giving one particular married client way too much attention. So I followed him and her to her condo and called his wife on my cell. Together we snuck in the front door towards the bedroom. Boy, Christina was shocked to know that his wife was more than happy to take her over a knee and spank her good! Christina thought it was over when the "happy" couple left. That is when I told her to strip all the way down. She confessed that she had fantasies of me using a strap on her bottom. I told her to get on her knees and told her to fantasize as I stared at her gorgeous bottom. Once again, true to my word I stopped her before she could enjoy it too much. I was going to spank her already sore bottom till she cried real tears!

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