Learn To Behave

Uitgebracht om: 23 mei 2014 bij Girls-Boarding-School
Vanessa is reading in bed when Headmaster Michael enters the room. He wants to talk. He reminds Vanessa that she has already been punished for misbehavior earlier in the day. And now he has found out that the misbehavior has continued; that she's been rude, running around in the classroom and generally acting like a toddler. She begs him not to spank her but he says she promised him good behavior. He turns her over and gives her a good hard spanking right there. Then he smacks her bare bottom with a hairbrush as she struggles and pleads with him. He puts her in a diaper position and continues as we see her bare bush as well. But that is not enough. He leaves and returns with the leather tawse for her bare bottom. Michael grabs her ponytail and she says she is sorry and will never misbehave again but he's still not sure he believes her. He leaves her to think things over.

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