Lessons In Humiliation #8

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**Scene 1: Brookelyn the Naughty Cheerleader** Ra-Ra SISSY BOY Boom Ba!!! Brookelyn has been naughty, but your the one getting punished. Brookelyn intimidates her slaves with her pom-pom's and pussy power. Also includes: Ass Worship, Sissy, Mind Games, SPH, POV Humiliation **Scene 3: Porn Stars ask "Are you the Pool Boy or the Troll Boy?"** "Hey loser, what the fuck are you looking at?!" Porn Goddesses Samantha Ryan and Ryder Skye have no patience for jerkoffs like you! "Yeah, we see you over there spying on us, watching as we lay out by the pool. What are you... a stalker?!" Then Samantha figures it out, "Oh, you're just the pool boy, aren't you sissy? You just love sitting there watching us lay here with our gorgeous porn star bodies while you jerk your little penis, don't you?!" The girls begin to turn up the heat on you as Ryder takes her top off, teasing you in every way with her gorgeous body. "Yeah, you wish you could have this, don't you?" she says as she pushes her cleavage in your face. Then she delivers you the sad truth "Well, LOSERS can't have this!!" Samantha continues to berate you, "that's it stroker boy, be a good little pervert and stroke your cock for us!" These girls are so mean and bitchy to you, accurately describing your 'teeny-tiny' pecker all the while letting you know that you will never, ever be able to go out with gorgeous women like them. These hotties have got you pegged..."All you can do is jerk off and cum because you are such a fucking loser who wishes he could fuck us!" By the end of this clip, you will feel so embarrassed by these 2 gorgeous hotties that you will be brought to tears! Also Includes: J/O Instruction, SPH, Humiliation, Head Games, Tease & Denial. Starring Porn Stars Samantha Ryan and Ryder Skye. **Scene 4: Ryder- Ryder Skye's Internet Date for Cuckies!** Oh... you, uh, must be my internet date? There you are on my doorstep, so nervous and anxiously awaiting a rocking date with a HOT Porn Star like me, Ryder Skye. Well, come on in to my house, I need you to help me select an outfit for my, uh...I mean, our date. I love showing you all the sexy outfits I have laid out on my bed to wear for "our big night out. "Do you like this one? I think it may be too revealing, what do you think?" As I try on another one, I ask if you like how short it is on me. I just love getting naked in front of guys like you, getting you all hot and horny and anticipating having your way with me. Well, not so fast. It's time to let you in on the little 'surprise' I have in store for us... well, it's really for you. You see, I am not going out with you tonight or ever. I am going out with my rich, handsome and hung boyfriend! Ha-ha... like I would ever go out with a little dicked loser like you! I will be fucking his big cock all night tonight while you go home and jerk off your little penis like a good sissy cuckold. I just love humiliating losers like you into submission! So you do as I say and get out of here and jerk that little pathetic cock for me! **Scene 5: Beverly Hills Bitches make you WEAK!** Porn Stars Samantha Ryan and Ryder Skye know you will never be able to get near them with your broke ass, and they love to show you exactly what you're missing! Samantha taunts you, "Oh yeah, you see this penthouse? This is how WE roll Loser!" The girls take you out to the balcony to glimpse a view you will never see. "You see this... this is Beverly Hills, where all the beautiful, rich and famous people live," Samantha explains in her sarcastic tone "and you, loser, are not one of those people!" Ryder chimes in "See, you don't have the money, you don't have the cars and we know you don't have the cock!" as she shows you how small that pathetic thing in your pants really is! Samantha gets right in your face with her tits "You wish you could just reach out and touch me, don't you Stroker Boy!" Ryder is so intent on making you teary, she gives you a peek of her massive tits and nipples while humiliating you even more. "We know you dig through your couch just to get enough money to watch us for 10 minutes!" Samantha deals your already severely diminished ego one last crushing blow before giving you the finger. "You just sit down there and jerk off wishing you could be with us HA HA HA!!!!!!"

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