Penny Flame & Kelly Kline J/O Pantyhose

Uitgebracht om: 13 april 2008 bij Playtime Video
Two Sexy Girls Just Having Fun & Getting Paid to Get you OFF! 3 Scenes Plus the Best Behind the Shoot Action Yet! Very Mean PH Mental Abuse from Both of these Experienced Vixens! Wolford! Sexy Alone POV! Intense PH Wrestling! Solo Teasing! These Girls have Mastered the Art of Getting us to Whack Off Over Them and they Know It! A Don't Miss Video!!! Two of our hottest and nastiest models, Penny Flame and Kelly Kline team up to belittle your small cock and make you jack off to their pantyhose. Both girls start in short black cocktail dresses and sheer crotch, Wolford pantyhose. They sit; legs spread wide, and pump their fist on their nylon covered crotches, letting you know what a loser you really are! They fondle each others silky legs as they stand over you and Penny plays with Kelly's snatch. "You will never, ever have her!" she teases. They slowly pose, strip and lick each others legs, feet and asses. "Rub that 3 inch dick for me!" Kelly screams. They take turns with the camera and direct each other as they're now down to just pantyhose. They then go alone into the bathroom and find various items to jam up your ass, before they take turns stripping off each others hose. Next, both girls in revealing tight mini dresses and again in sheer crotch Wolford pantyhose, they take turns tugging on the hose while lifting their dresses. Penny, standing over you, gives you the J/O salute, as Kelly tries to outdo her as asses and nylon crotches get rubbed by each other and they hump your worthless face, "you're terrified to touch a real woman!" Kelly taunts. They then show you how they would jack you off "you tiny cock loser!" Lots of crotch to crotch mashing with your nose just inches away as they lastly strip off each others hose and rub each others perfect natural tits! 3rd scene, with both girl in leotards and pantyhose, they wrestle and bury each others face into the others crotch and wildly strip off the others leotard. The match continues in just pantyhose until lastly they pull off each others hose and mash their bare pussies together. Who won? Who cares! They still think you're a loser! Bonus, go behind the scenes and watch these two fool around for some of the hottest footage ever! They try on various outfits and pantyhose and take turns with the camera and play director. You will love as they pretend to do a hard X-rated scene as they turn you as well as each other on. Great girl talk and they even lick each others pussies and call you a pervert for watching them! Incredible tape! **Bonus Footage Included**

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