Prison Punishment Part Two

Uitgebracht om: 18 april 2008 bij California Star Productions
Prisoners 56 & 57 are sent to the Warden to explain why their cells are such a mess and in one case drugs have been discovered. When they have difficulty explaining, the Warden decides old-fashioned spankings on their bottoms would be more appropriate than sending them to the solitary cells this time. You can see the Warden enjoys this sort of work, and has considerable experience in dealing with these offenders. However, it is not in her jurisdiction to give out corporal punishments, and when Mr. Hunt returns he is furious. He sends her out with a punishment gown telling her to return in 15 minutes with it on. By which time he has severely dealt with Prisoners #56 & 57. His biting cane is use unsparingly on everyone who crosses his path. Mr. Hunt is not evil though, he does warm their bottoms up first with his array of leatherwear. The Warden's larger than usual bottom is not spared on her return, a few good strokes across it ensures the respect of Mr. Hunt for a long time.

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