Rick Savage Medical Fetish Scene

Uitgebracht om: 4 april 2009 bij Rick Savage
Fans of medical scene play will thoroughly enjoy the examination techniques of the wicked Dr. Rick Savage. Here, Vivian and her big tits visit Dr. Savage to be treated for migraines. Imagine the surprise of this young, big-titted hot babe when she discovers that hard spanking is a procedure administered by the doc to help cure migraines. After a red ass spanking, Vivian is stripped naked so that Dr. Rick can thoroughly examine every inch and orifice of busty Vivian's luscious body. His medical procedures are sick, perverse and amount to sheer tease. Naturally, a ball gag is essential so that Vivian's screams don't scare the other patients. Dr. Rick's "treatments" for Vivian's malady include strict and tight bondage, a snug pussy wedgie, a deep painful breast exam and breast flogging, electricity applied to her nipples, anus and clitoris, tit flogging, nipple tease, breast bondage so tight that her big tits turn lavender and plenty of pussy tease. Near the conclusion of her torturous examination, 4 vicious clamps are tightly applied to her pussy lips, spreading Vivian's vagina wide open so an antique vibrator can be applied to her most sensitive regions. This is a torturous medical scene that busty Vivian will not soon forget.

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