Screw My Wife Please!! 69 - Nina Kelly Girl On Girl

Uitgebracht om: 13 augustus 2009 bij Wildlife Productions
**Exclusive! First Time Pairing of Two Hall of Fame Actresses** On July 24th, 2009 we were shooting the second live global broadcast of the series **Screw My Wife Please!** We expected it to be a success since we were being joined by the First Lady of Porn - Nina Hartley. We didn't expect to get footage of the first time tryst between two Hall of Fame actresses. Kelly Nichols handles make-up for all of our performers. While doing Nina's make-up, they were discussing some of their early experiences in the industry and Kelly comes to realize that the two of them have never been in a scene together. This, of course, piques Nina's interest and the two of them just can't help themselves after that. Come watch Hall-of-Fame actresses Nina Hartley and Kelly Nichols in their very first scene together! We have our fingers crossed that this won't be the last.

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