Skirts Up #2

Uitgebracht om: 15 december 2007 bij Flesh Entertainment
Scene 1: Brittney Skye works at a warehouse selling parts. When an angry client's order isn't in, she decides to deliver the goods to his workplace. She ends up sucking and fucking his co-worker just to save her job. Scene 2 : Sasha makes a desperate call for an audition. When she is told that the audition is over, she tells him how she'll do anything for the part, including a hot oral exchange followed by a fantastic sex romp! Scene 3 : Serena M. is having car trouble and it's late at night. A kind gentleman looks under the hood and then looks under her hood. Back home at his place they 69, she sucks him good and they fuck. He gives her a nice, creamy facial and boy, is she happy. After all, she is getting her pussy and car jumped! Scene 4 : Aimee is a dancer. As she's leaving the club on her night off she runs into her favorite client. She decides that he can help with her thesis on male sexuality. Somehow, we get the impression that she'll get an A!

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