Special Collector's Edition 36 - Monica Sweetheart & Lisa Marie

Uitgebracht om: 25 januari 2008 bij Magic Moments
Monica is 23 with 34D breasts and a curvy 5'9" body. Lisa is 21 with a hot 34B-26-36 body on her tall 5'9" frame. Lisa comes home from a hard day at work to find Monica in the kitchen doing some cooking and cleaning. They discuss the day's events and realize they have an hour to kill before dinner is ready. They start to kiss and then they head into the living room where they continue to make out. Monica puts in a movie to watch which gives them the idea to make their own video. They remove one another's clothing and they kiss, lick, and caress each other's velvety soft skin. They talk dirty, and each girl receives a wild tongue lashing from her girlfriend to explosive orgasms.

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