Sweet Girl Beaten

Uitgebracht om: 12 april 2008 bij Cuties In Bondage
If you like seeing a young 18 year old girl getting beaten red, then continue. Ashley is a sweet innocent beauty. She is whipped and paddled everywhere, not an inch of her body is left without punishment. Watch when her pussy and nipples get attacked by the vicious whipping, she turns red, then another color. The whipping is hard and fast and stings as you can see in her face. The flogger punishes her whole body and starts to leave marks. A heavy gauge thick rope splits her pussy in half. I pull on it to make sure it is really tight. She is really uncomfortable as the rope is pulling her apart. Now a wooden paddle is used. After this very intensive session, she is given some time to please herself. She is given a dildo to please herself. She sucks it, and starts playing with it rubbing it all over her body. Next she sticks it in deep and takes it all the way inside until she comes.

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