Teen Ladyboys #2

Uitgebracht om: 1 juni 2009 bij Third World Media
Schoolgirl dresses, white panties, pig tails and hard wieners can only mean one thing- Teen Ladyboys is back and Volume 2 is even hotter than the first with the cutest selection of 18 year old, cum-filled Ladyboys from Cambodia and Thailand. These schoolgirls know that hard work will earn them much success later in life; and they do not mind getting their mini skirts ruffled as they invest in their futures by sucking and fucking as much foreign- bred white man meat as they can get their hands on. June is by far the cutest thing we have seen on the Pattaya TS scene in a long time. Her baby face looks so sweet, as she slow sucks a lollipop sitting on the coach, giving us a peak at her only boyish feature as it pokes its way through her white school panties. Cameraman Dimitri cannot resist his temptation to stroke her tiny ding dong and play with her pretty silicone tits. Her cock and balls are shaven bald and her 5 inch whanker stands stiff at attention as she starts to get her stroke on. Dimitri cannot keep his hands off her tight nut bag before Allan jumps into the action. He shoves the lollipop she was sucking up her ass and then makes her lick it all clean. She likes the flavor but prefers Allans cock even more, as she swallows his entire hog with her mouth, before it disappears deep inside her anal canal. Allan pumps her tight and tiny shitter, while June strokes her small yet very stiff Thai sausage. Allan long shafts her shit chute for a while, before splitting her legs apart like a pretzel and spraying his wad on her hairless sperm bag. She rubs his cum all around her body like a high-end, foreign-made skin moisturizer. Cindy is a skinny young tranny with long hair and dark Thai skin. This 18 year old plays like a kid on her bed with her new white boyfriend Allan. Her chest is flat and her nipples are dark and very well pronounced. Her mouth is skilled and her own shaft is long, hard and fully foreskin coated. She licks Allans balls as he slaps them on her face, followed by his cock being rammed down her throat. Allan shows her little mercy as he bends her over and nails her ass as she strokes her own woody. From doggy to spoon to RCG, Allan breaks this newbies ass in, while making her cock flop all around the room. Her wang hardens more, as he finishes her off in mish and blows his load in her mouth and across her chin. She continues to work her own cock over, finally coughing up a load most real men would be envious of... Allan wastes little time showing tiny Ladyboy Ice how foreign boys like to play. He gropes her body and skinny frame, as he massages her big breasts and rapidly expanding panty line. He breaks out her skin coated cock and massages it for her while sucking on her lactate filled bosom. She sucks his cock and strokes her own neatly shaven dong, before hopping on Allan for a cock flopping wild fuck ride. Her cock nearly doubles in size as it swells to maximum density and the two jerk themselves off to mutual cumloads that coat each others cocks. May is 18, very dark and very beautiful. She hails from Cambodia and is 100% passable as a real girl. She is a student and has mastered many languages fucking lots of men during her short stay in Thailand. May is a near perfect tranny, with a sexy Asian face, a thick Latina ass and a skinny, hard Cambodian ding-a-ling with a cute pink tip that Dimitri and Allan quickly fall for, Her young cock is instantly hard and only gets harder as Allan starts to cram her ass with his own pink dildo. May works hard to earn her stay in Thailand, getting both her face and ass hard fucked by Allan. This transsexual schoolgirl never takes her school shoes or socks off, as Allan teaches her English the OG way- drilling out her anus and blowing hard on her face and inside her slutty mouth. She finished her lesson spitting up a clear, sticky one of her own to tease Mr. Dimitri with....

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