The Best Of Diaper Girls #1

Uitgebracht om: 29 februari 2008 bij Billie West Productions
A great collection of 8 infamous Diaper Girls. Ashlyn starts off wearing just her diapers with plastic panties sucking on her bottle. She takes them off and plays with her shaved pussy spreading it wide open. Next is Paige wearing a cute little white top with yellow plastic panties. She shows you her nice full natural breasts then takes off her panties showing you her cloth diaper. Then that comes off and she plays with her hairy pussy sticking her big pacifier way up her twat. Next up is super model Billie wearing just her disposables. What a great set of tits with her hair in pigtails. Off come her diapers as she spreads her hairy pussy. Next is Hollie just wearing clear plastic panties with a big diaper on. She looks so cute in her pigtails. Off comes the plastic panties as she sucks on her pacifier. Jillian is next wearing a cute outfit with a cloth diaper. She takes off her diaper then puts back on her PJ's. Next is Veronica wearing a cute pink top and cloth diapers. She then takes everything off putting her plastic panties back on. Next up is little 18-year-old Mica showing off her big natural breasts. She takes everything off except her Piggy slippers showing you her nice little hairy pussy. She then pees on the floor. Last up is Taylor wearing clear plastic panties and a disposable diaper. She has a fun time with her toys.

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