The Necklace

Uitgebracht om: 3 maart 2008 bij ZFX Productions
Come along for a supernatural hell ride as two beautiful ladies find a cursed object with a sadistic secret in The Necklace. In our first story, beautiful socialite Penny has everything a girl could ask for - good looks and a father with a lot of money. Snobbish, she likes to ostracize those of the "underclass," anyone who has to work for a living. You will join her on one of her impromptu New York shopping junkets, where Penny will stay at a historic five-star hotel in the penthouse suite. But this trip will be different than her usual jaunts, because Penny is about to find something she'll wish she hadn't. The Necklace. It's in her room. It's been there a long time, waiting for someone just like her. Thinking it was left behind by another guest, Penny chuckles at their misfortune and her gain. She is eager to try on the oddly gleaming beads. As she admires herself in the mirror, the necklace suddenly tightens, choking Penny until she is gasping desperately for air. While in its crushing grip, she begins to hallucinate a scary encounter with a housekeeper she had insulted earlier. Penny is bound spread-eagle as she is whipped and humiliated by her underclass captor. But things get even stranger, as she is then attacked by an invisible assailant. Bound and helpless, she is touched by unseen hands and members, which swarm over her most delicate areas. After her ordeal, Penny is all too eager to be rid of the necklace. Its next owner is Chandra, a hot blonde businesswoman who found the necklace and was foolish enough to put it on. Soon after, she began having wild, sexually charged hallucinations, falling under the evil spell of her new found trinket. Under control of the necklace, pretty Chandra drives herself to an abandoned warehouse, where she is greeted by masked friends just waiting to use her. She too has discovered the awful secrets hidden within the necklace and herself. This necklace has a lot of history as most cursed objects do. Its real name is Rostreneau, which in ancient Gaelic means, "evil mirror." If you put it on, it's very dangerous. It is rumored that Rostreneau can show distorted glimpses of the past, or steal into your dreams and twist them into nightmares. As Penny and Chandra quickly find out, the rumors are all true.

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