The Pedicure Chair

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FOUR very different, but all extremely ticklish ladies find themselves in The Pedicure Chair at the mercy of nail files, brushes, pumice stones and more! Once they are strapped into this special chair, then can't get out, no matter how much they protest and beg! Sweet Amalee (from Ticklish Distractions) is back as Renee works her over! New mature model, Simone, can't believe what Margo does to her! Ultra ticklish Tika is overwhelmed by Raleigh. Then our own Renee has a pedicure from a man! Pedicures will never be the same for any of these super ticklish ladies! A must see for all tickle lovers! You all saw how ticklish Amalee was in "Ticklish Distractions" now see her as she is strapped into the Pedicure Chair by Renee. It is obvious from the first touch that she is a very ticklish girl! Renee tries a few implements, then rubs baby oil all over her sweet sensitive soles. This make Amalee even more ticklish (if that is possible!) Great close ups of Amalee's soles as Renee runs just one finger up and down. Watch as her toes curl and her soles wrinkle. Amazing! The more Renee scrubs with the implements, the more crazed Amalee becomes. And then a great finish as Renee attacks the poor girl's barefeet with her fingernails. You will love this one! Next, meet Simone, our new mature model. Margo tries to give her a pedicure, but it's not easy with someone this ticklish! Simone keeps apologizing for her reactions, but Margo is getting frustrated as she jumps every time she is touched. She just can't seem to stay still! She even laughs while her feet are being massaged with baby oil. As her reactions increase, so does Margo's frustration! When Simone tells Margo that she thinks she is tickling her on purpose, Margo shows her what "real" tickling is all about! And there is even a little revenge on Margo at the end of this scene! An incredible scene for all you lovers of mature women! Tika comes in for a pedicure from Raleigh. She has a bit of an "attitude" about being strapped down. She has some of the most sensitive soles ever. She tells Raleigh to "be careful with the arches of her feet", but of course, this just makes Raleigh want to have even more fun with those arches! She can't seem to keep her feet from moving wildly and she is no match for the devious Raleigh who just won't let up! Tika goes crazy when Raleigh brings out the electric toothbrush! She wants out, but Raleigh is relentless. The more Tika protests, the more Raleigh tickles her. And when Tika makes the mistake of calling Raleigh "the weird tickle lady", Raleigh really lets her have it, giving her an upper body attack as well as a barefoot attack! Tika tries to apologize, but it's too late for that. She laughs until she can barely breathe, unbelievable! Finally, we see Renee, as she gets a pedicure from Corey, the first male pedicurist ever! He starts slowly, teasing her lightly, pretending to file her nails, but sneaking in a few little tickles first. When he sees how ticklish she is, he knows just what to do! Renee can only take so much and then she wants it to stop. When he keeps up the tease, she threatens to call the police and the Better Business Bureau. Corey is in control and kicks up the tease on her ultra sensitive soles. Then he takes the nail file and starts poking her armpits and ribs! Renee tries to get him to stop by making deals, but whatever she suggests is not good enough for Corey. He won't stop until she promises to put an ad in the paper about how good he is, and even then won't let her go! Another incredible scene with the unbelievable Renee!

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