Trisha Uptown J/O Panty

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Our 1st Teen Panty J/O video. Wow Trisha will rock your world! Schoolgirl Panty Action! WARNING! This Panty Teen is Real Mean. 19-year-old schoolgirl Trisha is on PPV645. However, wait a minute, Trisha wants you to stroke your cock for her as she gives you the "jack off salute" pounding her fist onto her silk pantied crotch and ass. Her panties are getting wet as she shows you what jacking off is supposed to look like. Hair in pigtails and black over the knee nylons, plaid skirt and wet bikini panties. Yes! Want to see her 34B tits? Bra and top disappear, she spanks her ass and pulls those silky panties tight into her pussy right over you! Before stripping to nude and giving a few more nasty strokes. PLEASE NOTE TRISHA'S 1ST SCENE HAS MUSIC AND NO LIVE SOUND. 2nd scene Trisha comes down the stairs in white knee socks, tight yellow nylon gym shorts and a white tank top asking, "Are you touching yourself yet?" Legs spread "Jack off to me." As she slowly tells you how to stroke it for her. This cutie is nasty as she commands you to fuck her in the ass with your small dick! Her white panties are visible under her shorts. Serious pussy pounding. Her shorts come down so you can view her white cotton thong panties. Directly above you, her panties parting her firm round ass, Trisha makes you rub yourself raw. Panties come off to give you a clear view of her shaved little pussy as she tells you to "Get it hard again!" She wastes you! 3rd scene Trisha wears all black, nylon thigh highs, sparkly dress and nylon thong panties. Once again, you're told what to do. "Jack off!" She tugs at her panties and continues with the attack on your manhood. Nonstop pussy pounding and she wants you to "Keep jacking off! Harder, you pussy!" She looks into your eyes, as you know you can never have her. And she knows it too! Her panties are pulled up tight, splitting her pussy as she makes herself come to a screaming orgasm. Innocent looking, Trisha is a nasty panty slut that wants your balls on a platter! You got it Panty Boy! Serious nasty talk and complete nudity!

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