When Hubby's Away

Uitgebracht om: 3 januari 2008 bij Trix Video
  • Studio: Trix Video
  • Duur: 01:02:00
  • Jaar van productie: 2004
  • Aantal scènes: 1
  • Cast:
I'm Hannah and I'm a married slut you would NOT want to be married to! When my husband is away on business trips, I always have men over to use me like a whore! This is my very first video and it was shot by friends of mine! I get fucked in the ass, mouth, pussy and I even swill the spent sperm from used condoms that they give me! I have lots of close-ups of my slutty self getting my holes filled and you can hear all the squishing sounds as theri dicks pound me all afternoon OUTDOORS! Then, it's back inside where I get to fuck some total strangers the guys brought over including the manager of the gas station down the street! The guys then took me to a sleazy hotel and turned me into a toilet as they fucked me and then brought used condoms over ( I don't know where they got them), and make me suck the spent sperm from them all. It's the first time I have ever eaten two day old sperm and it was pretty nasty, but hell... I'm a whore, RIGHT!!!... Love ya!!... Hannah

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