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Enviado por Hussie Pass
em 20 de novembro de 2023
Hussie Pass

The lovely Ari Alectra makes her Hussie Pass debut today, and we paired her up with our thick-dicked friend Brickzilla for this interracial update that went out before it was ready! Here's what your fellow member BigTitties449 had to say about Ari: “Pretty and talented! Aria's face is beautiful, and her cock sucking is terrific. She has a happy fun energy. The perfect girl to be on her knees with a huge dick to lick and suck. Looking down on Ari's beautiful face and seeing how happy she is to suck your cock is a treat.” ...and about the scene: “Cute cock kissing after facial. The hot ending where you talk to her right there after taking a load on her knees. Pretty hair, makeup, and jewelry. Love how beautiful sluts look on this site! Pretty girl. Can't wait for tomorrow's bts. She looks adorable in the bathtub sucking more massive cock. Love her cock sucking and her pretty face makes it even better! Interviewing her naked in the tub with cock in her face and mouth is amazing. The rawness of this site is so much fun!” I hope BigTitties449 doesn't mind that I used his words! Until Next Time!