Anal Army Review

Anal Army6.5
Review: October 31, 2012
Anal Army6.5
Review: October 31, 2012

Assemble the troops! The soldiers assigned to the Anal Army ass squadron are ready and willing to line up for inspection and you better have the lube handy! These sluts like it hard and they like it fast! If we can figure out how to use these sexy troops on a real battlefield, we may be able to fight terrorism! Let's have some fun boys! Whose missile is ready for an ass docking?













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I have the same problem with AnalArmy as I do with many other sites and it drives me crazy. I spend time time checking out the amazing and colorful tour pages only to end up a bit disappointed when I pony up the cash to get inside. Let that be a warning to you. I would suggest that you try this site with a trial membership before you strap on your boots and gun for the long haul.

As you can tell by the name of the site, what you will see here is a platoon full of lusty ladies dressed for battle. They wear a good deal of camouflage but that doesn't do much to hide them when they are totally naked and getting their asses ravaged by their superior officers.

As far as content goes, what you will see here is extremely hardcore. If you are into kinky scenes featuring nasty young models that are willing to experiment and get rough, this should make you pretty happy. You will hear screams of both pleasure and pain as tiny pink assholes are attacked by fat cocks attached to some very lucky guys.

The overall quality of Anal Army is not the best that you will ever see but it looks better than some content I have seen on similar sites. I'd say that the quality is good but not great.

Video fans can stream the featured videos on-site or download them to view later. One feature that I really like is that the Flash player has a series of screenshots under the main player window that when clicked will take you to a certain spot in the video. That makes getting to the good stuff very easy!

Photo fans will be disappointed that there are no galleries offered at this point. That is just one thing that needs to be improved. More content and better quality overall would make this a much better deal.

Amount of content: 28 videos
Update frequency: 2-3 videos per month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 649x480
Video types: flash and wmv
Available for mobile: no

Dedicate some time to if you want to see some intense anal fucking starring some fine looking sluts but don't count on seeing the best designed site on the web. Keep in mind that the site also serves up 10 bonus sites including Erotic Japan, Erotic Voyeur Club, Exxxcellent, Lovely Matures, Totally Redhead and a few more. All-in-all you get quite a bit of fuck for your buck. Spend the $1.01 and test the waters with a trial membership. That is the best advice I can offer you here.