Boozed GFs Review

Boozed GFs5.8
Review: January 7, 2010
Boozed GFs5.8
Review: January 7, 2010

Boozed GFs is a site that compile together all the photo galleries and videos which chronicle what these wild girlfriends get up to whenever their boyfriends' backs are turned! Unleashing themselves at parties and clubs and then drinking far too much booze, just about anything can happen after that - and this site is on hand to capture it all. Anything from boob flashing to a nasty facial cumshot - but whatever it is they do, they may regret it in the morning!













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Once you get used to the members' area of BoozedGFs, it proves pretty easy to use, I think. You initially get plunged into the members' area for the whole network but it's easy to find your way out. Once you do you will find that the main index page, where you access both videos and photo galleries from, is rather cramped for room. At the very least though what you get is some fairly good update information on top of some excellent categories for the content too. Jumping to the bonus sites is pretty easy, but it did look a little bit messy and could do with a little bit of cleaning up.

It's worth mentioning that not all the videos and photo galleries had the same formats and resolutions. But for the most part, videos could be streamed in-browser via Flash Player as well as usually being available to download in .MP4 and .WMV formats. The best quality versions should play for you at 640x480px. All photo galleries were given .ZIP downloads and full-screen slideshows, but image sizes varied quite considerably throughout the site. There are 32 videos and 22 photo galleries on the site at present, with updates made at least twice per week.

Although I'm completely tee-total myself, I can fully appreciate the role that alcohol can play in ensuring the nudity of girls! Nowhere is that more apparent than on where, completely without shame, rather a lot of girls down a load of alcohol and then lose a lot more than just their clothing. In fact, some of them don't lose their clothing at all - some of them keep the lot on ahead of sucking a stripper's cock or similar.

I don't think that this content is exclusive - I've seen this male stripper Iceman on a couple of sites like this - but there is still quite an impressive mixture of action if nothing else. A bit of CFNM action, the odd facial cumshot, a bit of lesbianism here and there - it's never likely to repeat itself when it is mining so many different types of action. Some of it though is surplus to requirements where not a great deal happens.

I don't have any problem with girls getting drunk and making idiots of themselves but Boozed doesn't quite have enough interesting stuff on board as yet to really exploit the idea. There is a fair amount of non-exclusive stuff here and an initially tricky user interface doesn't help matters greatly, but the site does seem keen on adding a regular stream of content, so we may see better days from this one.