Cam With Her Review

Cam With Her7.3
Review: October 6, 2010
Cam With Her7.3
Review: October 6, 2010

These girls are not just ordinary amateur cam girls. The chicks on Cam With Her are all high end models, you know the kinda girls that would never talk to you in a club? Well now you CAN talk to them and find out all of their secrets! Learn how to attract the cutest girls and flirt with them as they show you their sexy bodies. These girls are from all over the world and hand-selected to be online.













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I was excited to check out because they have so many beautiful ladies from around the world on the front page. However it was a little disappointing to see that there were only 2 to select from at 10:30 in the morning. Once you get logged in, you can see the site is more like a community than just a cam chat site. They have a message forum where you can chat with other site members and girls, a formal blog where you can read some of the girls' messages, Twitter posts of the girls and much more.

I went to check out the clips that they have which are snippets of videos that come from the archives of the cam girls' sessions. The girls make custom videos of themselves for their favorite chat clients and other such stuff. You can rate them and watch them either streaming from the site or you can download them. There are other videos on the site, but honestly I couldn't get them to play. It asked me to login again so I did but it kept prompting me for a login. The same with the photos on the site. But really I was there to chat with the girls anyway and all of the other bonus stuff was just gravy.

So each girl has a little private biography about her and you can see personal pics and videos of her. There's a short bio about her to find out her vital stats and then you can go into the room and chat with her if you click on the "online" link (which was a little bit difficult to figure out I might add, I kept clicking on her picture).

Once you go in, there is the free chat where you are stuck in a room with all of the other schlubs and you can't even see video of the girl. Then for an upcharge you can go into private chat, voyeur chat, or VIP chat. The best being VIP chat where she'll do everything you want. They have sound where the girls don't have to type, they can just talk to you from their microphone. The girls are super hot and they'll do anything you want as long as you have the credits.

It's nice to see that the makers of CamWithHer are dedicated to quality. While their site is a little bit hard to navigate and I had login issues at certain points, they do have some very hot top shelf girls to chat with. These aren't just average amateur girls next door, these are super hot chicks that have to pass through standards before they are accepted to be a cam chat girl.