Cici Amor Review

Cici Amor6.5
Review: June 25, 2013
Cici Amor6.5
Review: June 25, 2013

Cici Amor is a 19 year old babe who you might think would be nervous about stripping naked for a bunch of strangers. But you would be very wrong to think that, especially when you see that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that she dismisses any notion of being nervous by sucking on some very big cocks! She is about as far from innocent as you can get!













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This is a site that is quite well presented but in many ways it is also quite poorly presented. For although there was easy access provided to the extra sites here and the descriptions of the videos were quite good, you also get absolutely no information about and interactivity with Cici. Also, even though the information says that you get an update every 2 weeks, it doesn't look as though this site has grown at all in the almost 2 years since I last saw it, so new content may no longer be shot for this site.

The video options on this site were okay but not much more than that. The videos are available for streaming and downloading in Flash and WMV formats respectively, and they are available in HD format as well at 1280x720px. The galleries are available for ZIP download, which was good to see, and the photos were usually sized at 667x1000px. Download speeds were very good and there are no DRM restrictions.

So, while there were question marks as to just whether there is any new content being added to this site, how does get along when it comes to that actual content? Well, it's really good stuff. Cici is a great performer, no doubt, and seemingly at her best when it comes to the lesbian galleries and videos that are on her site - and thankfully there are a fair few of these.

The hardcore and solo galleries and videos were really good as well but I just perceived her strengths to be in the girl on girl action. She really does great and the content is very well shot indeed. I guess it really is a shame then that the collection here is so small and that it doesn't look as though it is going to end up growing too much.

Amount of content: 27 videos and 27 photo sets
Update frequency: 1 video and photo set every 2 weeks (content may be rotated)
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280x720px
Video types: WMV and Flash
Photo resolution: 1000x667px
Available for mobile: No

Cici is a site that really does deliver when it comes to the content. Cici is a fine looking model and a great performer and this is quite an impressive selection of content. The collection isn't very large, however, and even if the updates are adding new content, they are not frequent enough and there aren't enough bonuses to make it all really good value. Try before you buy, I think.