Crazy babe Review

Crazy babe8.8
Review: May 24, 2011
Crazy babe8.8
Review: May 24, 2011

CrazyBabe is a site where you can see some of the most stunning girls on the 'alt' model circuit, as well as brand new models and amateurs, in sensational galleries and videos of a very dark and distinctive style. Completely exclusive to this site and featuring early appearances from now huge name models such as Stoya, this is the place to be if you want to take a break from the mainstream.













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Presentation isn't necessarily the strong point of Crazy, but there are some impressive elements here. The individual gallery / video pages are superbly designed specifically for that set of content, and they look absolutely great, I have to say. But really, it's all too simplistic on the whole. At the very least I think we need to have a separate video and photo gallery index here because you really have no idea whether an update is going to contain one or the other when you click it. You can't really expect members to put up with that. Also, an index of the models and some description of the content are pretty essential too. A site that looks this good deserves to have a better user interface than this.

None of the photo galleries provide ZIP download options either and all photos are available in only one size. This varies, but recently photos has been sized as large as 5700x3800px. Videos just give you the one download file in .WMV for the most part (and occasionally .MP4 format) and, again, although sizes vary the most recent videos play at anything up to 1068x600px. There are over 600 sets of content here, but only around 90 of these contain videos. There are almost 220,000 photos though!

The man behind Crazy Babe is a photographer and musician called Bob Coulter - and he's almost a genius. I say 'almost' only because I don't like calling people actual geniuses - they have no reason to improve then! He is a brilliant adult photographer, first and foremost. He has taken the 'alt girl' genre and infused it with a free-wheeling, experimental style that compliments his specific models that no other site of this genre can match, that I have seen.

As such, whilst models like Stoya and Janine Lindemulder may now be enjoying even some semblance of mainstream notice, I have never seen them more alluring and more sexual than they are here. Stoya's naked masturbatory romp in the rain and a shower is just awesome. But almost all the content here is awesome. He does all the music on his site too and although I'm not a fan of music in porn, this is much more like it. This guy is good, and so is his site.
Conclusion, as far as I'm concerned, displays the standard that all other alt girl sites have to follow. The quality of the content here is exceptionally good - Coulter has a connection to his performers that is there for all to see and some of the galleries are artistic photography, erotic or otherwise, at its finest. It is a shame that the site doesn't navigate nearly as well as anyone should reasonably expect of it, but I got over it all pretty quickly, and you should too. Mr Coulter, I salute you.