Erotic Cinema Review

Erotic Cinema8.5
Review: May 26, 2014
Erotic Cinema8.5
Review: May 26, 2014

Erotic Cinema is a huge collection of mostly hardcore porn featuring a huge number of well known stars from across the world, but mostly from eastern Europe. You will find lots and lots of great scenes here featuring some of your favorite porn actresses and with so many models to choose from, you might just find some new stars to make your favorites as well! There is more porn here than you may ever need!













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This is a well presented site for the most part but I do think that it would really have benefited from having separate categories for the different kinds of content you get here as well as a better way of indexing the many performers that are on this site. Still, all videos are tagged with niches of content and the names of the performers so it wasn't too bad. Update information was pretty good, there was lots of descriptive and technical info, and the layout was also quite nicely designed for the most part.

The video options on this site really depended on the video in questioned and they varied right the way across the site. Perhaps understandable considering the size of the collection here, but you will find a fair few HD videos dotted around the place but finding them may well be down more to luck than judgement! Download speeds also varied but none of the videos on this site were DRM protected.

As I always say, once in a while it is very nice to have a site like to take a look at. There is nothing particularly focused about it in terms of genre or niche - it is just a very large collection of mostly hardcore porn that also focuses on content from a number of other genres in great details as well. There are lots of big name stars (mostly of the eastern European variety!) and plenty of unknowns to choose from as well. With lots of great videos to be found here and a really amazing array of babes, there is no doubt in my mind that you would be very happy to be a member of this site. It has so much to offer.

Amount of content: 7,000+ videos and 7,000+ screenshot sets
Update frequency: 10 to 12 videos per week (with screenshot sets)
Exclusive content: Unknown (content probably not exclusive)
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px (HD - only available on some videos)
Video types: Flash, MP4 and WMV
Photo resolution: Varies
Available for mobile: No

Erotic does not try and do anything new or original - it just brings you a huge selection of content from across numerous genres and niches and that really is all there is to it. I recommend this site highly to anyone who is not all that fussy about the type of porn that they want to look at but who just would prefer a nice variety of models and some good stuff to watch!