GGG Devot Review

GGG Devot6.5
Review: September 19, 2013
GGG Devot6.5
Review: September 19, 2013

Pain, humiliation, cruelty, BDSM; you'll find all of these things at an offshoot of the highly popular German Goo Girls franchise, GGG Devot. The splash page for this site looks fantastic, flashy, and slick. I was looking forward to seeing the depravity hosted within. I've only really been exposed to the BDSM genre recently, and it's still not my main kink. However, when it's well done, it can be interesting. GGG Devot has promise, but needs to do some work.













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The tag line of is "Until you've experienced, you don't know shit about pain and humiliation!" This German site brings some extreme content to its members. You'll see things like watersports, come parties, and girls being put through a gauntlet of humiliating sexual practices.

What you may not see, however, are flash streams. The videos hosted here are supposed to be available in several formats, including streaming flash. Those streams, however, didn't work for me. I thought it was Firefox at first, so I switched to Chrome, and still couldn't get them to work. This was a major downer.

Another downer was the organization. It was confusing trying to figure out what is available to members, as the site is not very well laid out. It looks like there are 33 videos, plus 31 streaming videos, but I wasn't sure if they crossed over since I couldn't watch any of the streams. Further complicating this is the presence of 907 video clips (about a minute each). I didn't like this. There are clips on the splash page of most websites. I don't know why I'd pay for them, even if there are a lot.

Related to the confusing nature of the available content, the navigation is rough. It's hard to find things here, and there are very limited sorting options (almost none, really). There is a search bar, but it wasn't much help.

As for content, it's actually pretty good once you're able to get it. It's definitely extreme; you'll see girls surrounded in dark rooms by men, thrusting cocks at every possible hole, coming all over the model, and the girls gobbling mouthfuls of pee. I'm not into this, but if you are, you'll probably like what's here.

There are some bonuses in the form of videos. In fact, there's a virtual ton of them. That's good, because with the difficulties with the streams and nav, that may be this site's saving grace...maybe.

Amount of content: 62 videos/907 clips/76389 photos
Update frequency: Monthly
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px
Video types: avi, mp4, flash
Photo resolution: 1000x562px
Available for mobile: No

Content on GGG is good, if you're into the sort of content this site hosts. Pee, come, and all manner of fluids are flying around the German models featured here. However, the confusing nature of the site is a turn off. Navigation is rough, and the layout makes it tough to know what you have to work with. The bonus videos are nice, and add value, but they aren't hardcore BDSM, humiliation, etc. If that's what you came here for, tread carefully.